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Founded by a group of veterans from US biopharmaceutical industry in 2008, Goodee Pharma Co., Ltd. is a leading Suzhou-baseed pharmaceutical and biotech R&D out-sourcing company. We have successfully established collaborations with over 10 companies in North America, and offer broad and integrated services in custom organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, APIs manufacturing under cGMP, protein expression and purification.


 Our professional team possesses talents from organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, biology, to business management. Goodee's management team members have received advanced degrees or training and have extensive working/management experience in North America. Our research team comprises over 30 scientists, among which 13% are Ph.D., 77% M.S., and 10% B.S..


Goodee is a technology based company. Our biocatalytical Solution can serve drug discovery and development at all stages, in particular, lead optimization, metabolite production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Goodee's technology enable our pharmaceutical industry to be more ecological responsible and to maintain sustainable growth.